Free Fiction: “Say Goodbye to the Little Girl Tree” Published in GigaNotoSaurus

Picture courtesy of unknown artist

“Say Goodbye to the Little Girl Tree” is in the January issue of GigaNotoSaurus, edited by Ann Leckie. The story was inspired by the very dark song of the same name by singer and novelist Nick Cave, from his album The Firstborn is Dead. Read it here for free:

GigaNotoSaurus, January 2013: Say Goodbye to the Little Girl Tree


This is not about stitching a straight line through cloth like a seamstress. Not about the tight suture of a surgeon closing a wound. This is an art. This is about interweaving patterns of the fold and musk. An intricate lacework of innocence. Each tailor creates his own signature stitch unlike any other.

“Hand me the needle, girl,” said Papa. He took the curved steel from me, wetting the silvered thread through his lips to make it lie flat in the eye. “Now, hold her leg apart for me…”


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