Point Mystic Updates


It’s been a very busy year, working on my novel as well as putting together an incredible season of the radio show: Point Mystic. I have a lot of updates to give you in the coming weeks and months.

Point mystic is coming to podcast form this fall with a full season of episodes. We’ll be launching a new website soon, so all the old info has been taken down for the moment. You can follow and tweet at us at our new twitter feed: @PointMystic.

As I work of launching this season, consider sponsoring me for the Clarion West Write-a-thon. For the Write-a-thon, I’m working on the pilot episode of the show, featuring appearances by our own instructor alumni, Joe Hill, and MTV’s Martha Quinn, in support of his new novel The Fireman.

Clarion west was the amazing experience that launched my career as a storyteller. Please give generously so that others may have the same experience.


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