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Panama Ciity, Panama. Picture Courtesy of Christopher Reynaga

Christopher Reynaga’s earliest memories are of telling stories about the magical world around us to the grown ups who seemed so unaware of it.

“I would tell my parents and they would laugh, but I would tell my grandmother and she believed. I was a child and she an old woman, but we were both the right age to understand — my youthful belief and intuition that all children possess, and her old traditions of Mexico and the Yaqui. Miracles and magic existed alongside baseball, bicycles and skinned knees — this was the way the world worked.”

He grew up in a normal American neighborhood where all the houses were the same, only differing in color. He read everything, including his parents’ college textbooks. When he was nine, he had a dream that he would grow up to be a writer — a dream that has come true.

Christopher is a graduate of Clarion West, and winner of both a first place Writers of the Future Award and a Bazanella Literary Award.

He is the creator of the podcast radio show Point Mystic, and has stories in venues such as The Book of Cthulhu 2GigaNotoSaurusThe DrabblecastCemetery Dance, Boys of Summer and The American River Literary Review.

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