Parallel Philosophies — with Special Guest Christopher Reynaga

The episode of the Titanium Physicists Podcast that I was invited to be a special guest on is now available for listening!

I was invited to learn about a quantum physics topic that has been a holy grail for many writers and dreamers: Are there parallel worlds? When you take the road less traveled, is there another world where you went the other way and became a mad whaling captain or a person that sells fine women’s hats? How does the mathematics of physics spookily support this or other interpretations of what is actually happening in our universe?

I have to thank Ben Tippett, Tia Miceli and Ken Clark for making the experience of learning about this philosophy of physics so fascinating. In gratitude, I’m writing a story in their honor where I use what I learned on this episode of Titanium Physicists (and in which they are tuckerized as the famous physicists they are). The working title is “Quantum Mechanique.” I’ll let you know more when it’s ready for publication. Thanks as well to my editor Ross Lockhart who published the original story that earned me the invitation.

You should also check out these other fantastic episodes of Titanium Physicists where writers like Cory Doctorow, Kelly Link, Elizabeth Bear, and the mighty Murr Lafferty are special guests. They are not to be missed!


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