Laramore Black — Change My Life Back

Picture courtesy of Laramore Black

I’ve had a really blessed year when it comes to my fiction writing career. I hope your year has been excellent, too.  But it has been a harsh year for some. You may have heard of the difficulties faced by folks like my friend Jay Lake. Watching the SFF community come together and help Jay has been an inspiring experience. I’d like to ask you to consider joining me in helping someone else who really needs it.

His name is Laramore Black, and he’s a talented young writer out of Joplin, Missouri. He also edits the magazine Slit Your Wrists and is a contributor to The Imperial Youth Review. Laramore is on the verge of being homeless and is desperately trying to get together the few hundred dollars it will take to register for college courses this semester. He has less than two days to achieve this. If he can manage to collect enough funds, he can get his improve his grades, qualify for financial aid and move into the dorms. It’s not a lot of money for many of us, but his future is hanging on it.

Every once in awhile you come across those situations where a giving a little bit can change the whole direction of somebody’s life. I think this is one of those times. I just kicked in a big enough chunk to push Laramore past the halfway point. If you could contribute something, it could give him the chance to earn his life back.

I’m kicking in to help Jay (and I would love it if you’d consider doing that, as well), but in a sense, that’s easier. You do this kind of thing for friends.

I’m asking you to dig deep and help someone you don’t know. Help Laramore Black, or help someone of your own choosing, where just a few well placed dollars could make all the difference in the world.

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