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The podcasts and audiobooks I have narrated…

Narration: “One Paper Airplane Grafitto Love Note” by Will McIntosh on Podcastle

My reading of “One Paper Airplane Grafitto Love Note” by Will McIntosh is available at Podcastle: PC066: One Paper Airplane Graffito Love Note  

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Narration: “Nine Fingered Maria” by Hillary Moon Murphy on Podcastle

My reading of “Nine Fingered Maria” by Hillary Moon Murphy is available at Podcastle: PodCastle 58: Nine-Fingered Maria  

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Narration: “Immersed in Matter” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman on Podcastle

My reading of “Immersed in Matter” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman is available at Podcastle: PodCastle 044: Immersed In Matter    

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