“A Million Miles from Graceland” Published in Cemetery Dance




When I was young, there was a magazine I absolutely loved. I would sit at my battleship-gray IBM Selectric typewriter that weighed as much as a ship’s anchor and type my stories, and dream I would see my name on the cover of this magazine someday. That magazine is Cemetery Dance. Today that dream comes true.

“A Million Miles from Graceland” is now available for you in issue #71, the All Fiction Special Issue.  It features a gorgeous interior illustration of the story by Constantine. He is an amazing artist. You need to check this thing out:


A Million Miles from Graceland Illustration - by Constantine

I would love to thank Constantine, and include a link to his or her homepage, but I’m afraid I have not yet been able to find out who Constantine is. If anyone knows, please drop me a line, because I’d love to thank them personally.

According to Richard Chizmar, it’s been a decade since they did an all-fiction special issue. As much as I love the regular features, it’s a treat to read so many fantastic stories from the likes of: Bentley LittleSimon ClarkDarrell SchweitzerJack KetchumSean ManseauDaniel BraumColeen AndersonEric RedDeborah Kalin, Joel LaneTaylor Grant, and Blake Crouch. Grab it from your local news stand, or order yourself a copy here.

“I’m hidden behind the giant bank of stage speakers, smoking a clove, when Leonard comes around and says, “Five minutes Stevie.” His eyes shift — they can’t quite meet mine and then he adds in a lower voice, “It’s a hell of a crowd out there tonight…” He twists his hands till the knuckles are white. He looks like he’d rather be anywhere than here, even his mother’s own funeral…



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  1. Johnny McCulloch

    Cemetery Dance has always been a gateway for dreams!
    Glad you stepped on through!

  2. Sherry Decker

    I remember sending my submission and assuming the answer would be ‘No.’ I mean, I had hope, but I really expected a rejection. Six months went by without hearing back, so I wrote a tentative follow-up and learned my tale was being read a second time. A couple weeks later I received an acceptance for my novelette — Cemetery Dance’s first story of such length, they said. I was on Cloud Nine, or someplace not so cliche but nevertheless, awesome. Congratulations. I know how it feels for that dream to come true. Isn’t it fabulous? It’s my major claim to fame. It’s my Number One credit and it’s always the first mentioned in any cover letter. Happy for you.

  3. memphismaniac

    Any chance that “A Million Miles from Graceland” contains some MidSouth plot elements? If so, then it would be eligible for the Darrell Award given annually at MidSouthCon in Memphis, Tennessee. In order to qualify, the work must either be written by an author who is living in the greater Memphis area when the work is published OR have at least one significant scene set within that area. Broadly defined, the area is west Tennessee, north Mississippi and northeast Arkansas.

    For more information, see http://freepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~timgatewood/sf/darrell/


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